Wow.  Lots of calls and emails on this.  

    I have a conflict on Mondays.  Can I still be a RUNaway Mom?
    I can't make it at 8:15 or 9:30 am because I'm at work.  Can I still train?
    I don't live in The Woodlands?  Can you still train me?
    I'm a teacher and can only train in the afternoons or evenings.  Any way you can help?
 YES to all questions!  Let's train "virtually"!  (Scroll down below to learn how we'll train virtually.)

  • What if I'm just plain nervous to train with a group because I'm too slow or I'm a beginner?
~ You won't be too slow - no, you won't.  And we are all beginners.  Take a deep breath.  It will be ok.

  • I don't have kids.  Can I still train with RUNaway Moms?
~ Do you have pets? Students?  Do you know any kids? :)  Yes, of course, you can train with RUNaway Moms!  The "moms" part is all encompassing.  You just have to want to RUNaway.  Dudes even qualify :) 

So here's the scoop on Group Training vs. Virtual Training . . . . 

If you are a beginning runner (meaning, if you have never run in your life or are getting back into running after a 6+ month hiatus or have worked out at the gym but never run or have spent the majority of your life on the coach or in a computer chair or have tried running before and it didn't take and want to try again) this program is for you.

In my opinion, the BEST way to train when you are a beginner runner is to train in a FACE TO FACE COACHED GROUP.  Making that appointment on your calendar and being accountable to others to show up (and yes, even committing that money out of your bank account for the cause) - these all help to ensure your success.  Accountability and commitment are really important in this "beginning running" thing.  Trust me, I've tried it solo with limited success (and a lovely injury as a door prize.)  

For this fall season, Monday mornings just happen to fit best into my overall schedule and I'm crossing my fingers that others will want to start their weeks off on the right foot (no pun intended).  Each Monday morning group run will start with a training topic for the week and will always be open to a quick questions and answers if needed.  We'll run as a group for the time scheduled and then finish with a short stretching routine.  Your other runs during the week will be on your own schedule, but I beg you to actually schedule them on your calendar.  Mornings have always worked best for me to tackle my exercise commitment before it gets squashed with all of the other stuff that the day brings.  You work your running schedule around your schedule.

But do not fear - Monday mornings or coming to The Woodlands may be impossible for you.  It's ok.  I have a great VIRTUAL TRAINING plan that will work for you!  Virtual training will follow the group's schedule exactly but we will work around your day and time that suits your running schedule best.  We will start out with a phone call or a face to face meeting to get you started and in lieu of meeting us as a group on a weekly basis, you will meet with me on a weekly basis (telephone calls or even a face to face will work best) and I'll go over exactly what we did in the Monday morning group run.  You'll receive a weekly schedule and all of the other goodies that the Monday RUNaway's receive.  And all of your runs will be on your own schedule, so commit that time on your calendar . . . in pen!  I'll still be your coach and will check up on you, so the accountability can still be there :)  To increase your success with virtual training, find a friend to sign up too!  You don't have to run every run with them, but having a fellow running buddy in your same shoes (again, no pun intended!) and on your same schedule is super helpful.  And if you have a little group that all sign up and you decide to meet at a time other than Monday mornings for your own group runs, I'll try to meet you all a few times for a face to face coached group run if our schedules allow.  Virtual "RUNaways" get the same attention from me as my face to face moms, so no worries :)  

It's time to give this a try!  Give me a call or send me an email if I can answer any more questions.

~ Amy