So today marks the 2nd week with my RUNaway Moms group.  And through this Houston heat, I'm happy to report that everyone is doing great!  But that heat and humidity can play with your mind and confidence, as can the fatigue that seems to set in at the end of the first week.  For all you runners starting this journey or getting back into the swing of things, here's a short little pick me up penned by little ol' me - Chapter 2 in The Sophomore Running guide. 

~ Trust the Process ~

Whether you are beginning this sport for the first time or like to mimic my string of multiple attempts, trust that there is a runner inside you.  Running multiple miles won’t happen overnight.  Life and schedules can and will get in the way.  An uncooperative or seemingly unathletic body can also get in the way, but you can become that runner.  Really, you can.  Just trust in the process . . . and trust  in yourself.


When you first start a running program, the goal mileage whether it is 1 mile, a 5K (3.1 miles) or 5 miles can seem daunting.  When I started my running program (you know, that fifth attempt one for me), I can honestly say that I initially didn’t even go there - that is actually focusing on running the final goal mileage.  I mean 5 miles or almost an hour of continuous running was so far removed from my brain that I just concentrated on the weekly goals - like when I would conquer that 1 mile mark or, as the weeks progressed, when I would be running 3 miles without stopping.  And the weeks went on and, low and behold, I could run a mile without even realizing it or wanting to die.  And then I reached the ‘run 3 miles’ goal.  That was cool.  Our “graduation run” was a 5 mile Thanksgiving Day race and up until that race, the longest mileage I had run was 4 1/2 miles just that Tuesday before Turkey Day.  Oh geez.  Did our running coach know what he was doing?  (The answer was “totally yes”.)  The 5 mile fun run on Thanksgiving Day?  Other than pre-race jitters  and a crummy night of nervous sleep the night before, I had no problem with that run.  It was really a fun run . . . and I thoroughly savored my pecan pie that day.  

Over a 12-week period, I had actually trained this non-athletic body - and I seriously mean “non athletic body” - I lettered in “Student Government” in high school for Pete’s sake.  Anyway, I had actually trained this non-athletic body to run for 50+ minutes nonstop.  Amazing.  So put some trust in yourself - your body will surprise you and you will chuckle at that runner that you were 12 weeks ago.  You’ll also tell your non-running friends, whether they want to know or not, how you did it and that they can do it as well.  Ahhh, if I didn’t know better, you might be a sophomore runner too!