So the sparkly ball hasn't exactly dropped in Times Square and I didn't party to see midnight (actually, I haven't partied till midnight in some time now - just say it - I've turned into "that" kind of grown up), BUT I seem to have a better time making goals and resolutions this time of year than I do at the end of December.  

The kids are back in school and it's a new day!  And a new schedule!  Do you do this too?  Like "When the kids start back to school, I'm going to eat healthier/lose weight/organize that closet/find a Bible study/clean out the garage/make a budget/plan out dinners/file those papers/donate those clothes."  How about "When the kids start back to school, I'm going to get back into or start exercising."?  Hey, crazy idea . . . how about running?!

If you've ever thought about it - even a little bitty bit - I say this "New Year" is the time to start!  And while we are pondering this, let's put those mental blocks to rest.  

  •  "I'd love to run, but I don't have even an extra second in my day." . . . . Let me help you find that time.  New baby? We can do this.  Corporate job?  We'll get creative.  Crazy schedule?  We will be totally realistic about it and find a way to carve this wonderful activity into your schedule!
  •  "I'd really like to try running, but I'm totally unathletic." . . . . Oh, I've got you on this one.  I win on the "unathletic" scale.  I do.  I lettered in Student Governement in high school for pete's sake.  And now, 20 years later, I've got some half marathons and a marathon under my belt.  We'll start slow and just do this a little at a time.
  •  "I've tried running before and it sucked, but I wish it didn't suck." . . . . Did you try to maintain a speed like "running from the devil"?  Did you try to keep up with running friends?  Did you run mile after mile on a treadmill?  Do you have a pesky pain that you don't know what to do with?  Yeah, that sounds like it sucked.  Have you tried running in a beginning coached group?  Have you tried running in a beginning coached group with me? 
  • "I'm still on the fence.  What if I don't like it?  What if I can't do it?" . . . . But what if you DO like it this time - and what if you CAN do it :)
It's a NEW YEAR!  Sure, that means more structure, more packed lunches, more laundry (I never understood that), more carpools, more, more, more.  Don't let YOU get lost in the new year.  An activity (namely an active activity - um, running!), just for you will keep you balanced.  It will keep you healthier and give you more energy (it really will).  It will improve your mental sharpness and decrease your stress level.  It will show your kids that you value yourself and your body and health.  It will allow you to connect with friends.  And it will allow you to RUNaway from home!!  Doesn't that sound nice. :) 

Let's give it a go together.  Grab some running shoes (I'll help you with that if you need me to) and even grab a fellow friend to join you to keep you motivated and less anxious if you need to.  

We RUNaway on August 30th.  Click on "SIGN UP HERE" to start your new years resolution today!  I can't wait to see you!

~ Amy