March 17th, 2013

FIRST TOPIC IS CLEAN EATING.  Let's be honest.  This is the time that most of us start panicking with shorts and swimsuit season looming and planning our imminent attack.  But it's not just about weight loss (that's just a wonderful side effect).  It's about a cleaner body on the inside that reflects on the outside.  Less toxins, better skin, lower fat percentage, more consistent energy, a stronger immune system, better exercise performance, a more even mood, deeper sleep.  All sorts of good stuff associated with clean(er) eating.  Let's talk about our healthy options from those of us who have first hand tried or currently practice various plans.  Healthy options only!  No diet pill reviews or hcG stuff.  I'll post the lead topics on facebook and you feel free to comment on each specific topic.  I'm freakishly OCD so please comment on the specific plan listed so those interested can get all the facts from that particular thread.  (now stop rolling your eyes at me.  i can see you.)