You Did It!  It's Official!  You are now a RUNaway Mom!  Take a deep breath - you've just taken a big step by actually committing your valuable time and $$ to a new adventure.  :)  Rest assured though, it's going to be a GREAT adventure!

We will get to know a lot about each other over then next few weeks and months, but before we RUNaway this season, I need a little intro info about you so I can guide you through the running trails.

Please click on the documents below fill out and email my RUNaway questionnaire and athlete release form to me as soon as you can.  (You can type in the info on both forms and save it as a file to your computer and just email it to me as an attachment when you are done.  I'm guessing it will take you about 15 minutes or so.)

Call or email me if you run into any problems or have any questions.  Otherwise, I'll look forward to receiving your documents and seeing you in person on or before our first RUNaway adventure!   

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