A lot of us RUNaways chat when we run, but we also run with music.  (Yes, we are safe.  Yes, we only run with one pod in to be defensive.  No, we don't wear headphones at non headphone related races.)  We like the distraction and we like how it affects our mood be it happy or calming or kick ass or silly.  We may also unknowingly put on a little solo karaoke show at intersections to entertain our fellow drivers.  We call that "in the zone".  Ha!  

So click on our names above for our list and let the inspiration and/or laughter erupt, but keep those mean opinions to yourself or we may just skip the headphones and instead plug in speakers on our next run for all to endure Vanilla Ice.  (I have a small speaker that I can run with and I've done it before.  Don't dare me.)
That's right - it's top 10 lists from a few of our brave RUNaways that dare to make public what they listen to in private.  It may be a random mess of songs, not just from one single playlist and we've briefly commented on our choices as to appear not so nutty, but we are a cool bunch of gals and you never know what music may fuel us.  Here's hoping that maybe a song or two will spur some great inspiration or memories for you and you'll put it on your playlist too!
If my motivation is low or if the temp or humidity is high, I love making a deal with myself that I can only listen to my music that day if it is on a run.  That often gets me out the door with a spring in my step . . . and before I know it, my run is over.  My inner rock star, my mood and my running schedule are all satisfied.  

Rock on! - from Amy and the RUNaways