Running can be a crazy sport.  It's a solo sport that when done best seems to revolve around a team.  We RUNaway Moms are one mighty and fun team!  

So meet your fellow RUNaway Moms.  And let's get to know each other!  Maybe you went to high school with someone and didn't even know it?!  Have kids in the same activities?!  Grew up a street apart?!  Are interested in the same running goals?!  If nothing else, we use this page to remember names and schedule running dates! 

Meet This Season's RUNaways!

 Amy W.

     Andrea J.

Andrea T.


Jacque A.

      Jenn G.

 Lisa C.

      Misty A.

      Pam T.

      Rachel M.

          Carolyn B.

 Cathy P.

    Deb S.

    Deidre N.

Kate B.

      Kelley W.

 Sandra S.

 Simone W.

Stacie R.

      Tracey H.