When I think about running, it feels like the best 45-minute investment I make in a day. It's enjoyable, it makes me feel better, and it's probably paying dividends way into the future. Running is a really easy choice.

Calling ALL runners!  Start your Tuesdays and Fridays with fellow RUNaway Moms with an enjoyable and empowering run!  You don't have to be a fast and experienced runner to be a RUNaway Mom and you don't have to have trained under RUNaway Moms to join the weekly running group, however, you'll be a happy RUNaway if you have a base running endurance and can jog 20+ minutes.

While some of us may be training for upcoming races (hey, Amy can help you on this!), the main focus of our group is to start our day off with something to better ourselves - body, mind and spirit.  Yes, we really do "run away".  The laundry, the dishes, the emails - they will all be waiting for us when we get home.  Take this time to enjoy outside, meet with friends, get in a pre-routed workout, learn to stretch and have access to a coach for any running q&a's.  

Here's the scoop . . . .

  1. Your running pals and coach will be waiting for you every Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 am at Cattail Park :)

  2. Amy will have a group route ranging from 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 miles on group run days.  You are welcome and encouraged to come both Tuesday and Friday!  Don't worry about your speed.  If I haven't already, I'll run with you and get to know your pace and I'll match you up with other gals who run your pace for an enjoyable run.

  3. For the month of March, Amy will have a monthly running schedule for anyone needing to get back in the swing of things if you've had a winter hibernation :)  The goal is 3.1 miles by March 26th.

  4. On Tuesdays, Amy will lead a 10 minute stretching routine at the end of our run.

  5. Amy will always have water in the back of her van.  It's your to come and get after your run!  Hydrate hydrate!!

  6. As a RUNaway regular, I'll put you on the Luke's Locker roster so you'll have a 10% discount shopping card each time you shop at Luke's on Market Street.  AND you'll get an invite to RUNaway Moms Only shopping and seminars morning every few months to learn about new gadgets or shoes or running stuff and 20% off your purchases that morning.

So come on over to Cattail Park this spring!  And recruit friends!  If they aren't runners, then their training is on the same days as group runs.  And if they are runners, then they have a group waiting for them!!