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Week 4 - Getting Into Gear

Posted by Amy Wyrick on Sunday, September 26, 2010,
Getting into the sport of running does not require a lot of stuff, but you will, however, need to buy some stuff for this crazy sport, so just be ready. 

Besides a running schedule, you definitely need
1.) running shoes,
2.) running socks,
3.) a technical running shirt and
4.) some running shorts or tights. 

(Gals, check out my last paragraph in this section too.  A little upper body undergarment talk.  Guys, feel free to check out that section too because you may need an “undergarment” o...
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Week 1 - And We're Off!

Posted by Amy Wyrick on Tuesday, August 31, 2010,
So every week, I will post our Monday morning chat right here so you can revisit it if you'd like or be all caught up if you happen to miss our Monday group run or keep with the group if you are one of our super special virtual RUNaways!  It's a password protected blog just for us current RUNaways because you are investing your time and money in the program.  The first pre run meeting is always the longest and this Monday, we went over a lot of stuff, so I'll try to condense it as much as I c...
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