Thank you Amy for teaching me not only HOW to run but to LOVE running!  I can't believe that only a few months ago I was a NON-runner and now conquering five miles.  This Runaway journey has been so personally rewarding.  I am eager to conquer the "10 for Texas" with your expertise and guidance in an upcoming training session!    ~ RUNaway Mom, Rachel D.


Amy’s program has really helped me to reestablish running as my main form of exercise.  I was able to accomplish much more than when I had tried to run on my own a few years ago.  Her program is all encompassing so that you can condition your body in a safe and healthy way and learn to love to run!   ~ RUNaway Mom, Michelle W.

I wanted to let you know that the experience I had with your program was so positive and that I recommend it to people!  You are so fun and motivating with a touch of get off your butt and do it!   Thanks again!  ~ RUNaway Mom, Sarah S.

It is great to be able to run and not be ‘huffing and puffing’.  I only planned on learning to run 5k…now I want to see if my body can do 5 miles!   ~  RUNaway Mom, Stephanie B.


I really enjoy the extra information and motivation Amy gives on a Mom-level. She is not out to train the next Olympic runner, just the average Mom who would like to relieve stress and get healthy at the same time. There is no pressure to perform. Just come run and be who you are with a little nudge.   ~ RUNaway Mom, Jenn R.