It's Wednesday and I just did my first true Shakeology 3 day cleanse from Saturday to Monday.  I think I gave it a good effort despite my day 3 dinner substitution (okay, maybe not an even trade) and I've continued to drink a chocolate shake with 1/2 percent milk both Tuesday morning and this morning while I'm typing this.  These are good filling and very satisfying shakes.  It's on my list from here out as either breakfast or lunch.  "Why?", you ask.  Because I normally eat like total crap and am so inconsistent on taking a multivitamin and this shake thing does it for me.  It'll be my meal on the go and I feel confident that I can drink it before a run or a workout and not be starving for energy.  Actually, I think quite the opposite to be true. 

My overall "side effects" the 3 cleanse days were few and minor. 

No periods of massive starvation. 

No back and forth to the bathroom a thousand times.  (** Minor - and probably too much information - disclosure.  #1 (no pun intended) - my pee was yellow - like neon yellow.  It's the vitamins filtering through your system.  You have not been abducted by aliens.  Pee breaks are good too because you should be drinking more water.  Also, my daughter had a stomach bug on Sunday and Monday.  Guess who got it on Tuesday - one day post cleanse?  Yep, the one who's typing this.  I felt pretty stomach yuck Tuesday morning.  For those that know me, this isn't out of the ordinary.  I've got a really sissy stomach.  But I feel confident that it was NOT my morning shake on day 4 that led me to the potty.  I'd already drunk 9 shakes and my 10th one made me sick?  I think not.  The only thing I can think is 2 beers and chicken tenders were not the best dinner the night before and/or I mixed this shake with milk this morning and my body was not ready for that dairy input yet.  I don't know, but I am planning on doing this cleanse again and will keep that in mind and let you know if I have a repeat.  For what it's worth, I also drank a shake on Wednesday morning mixed with milk and no tummy upset at all.)     

Day 2 was challenging just in the fact that I was a bit achy and wasn't over the "half way hump" yet.  Just find something to do.  The clock really doesn't stand still.

So a bit of monotony and a few aches are all that I dealt with during the cleanse.

Now for the upside -

I feel better.  Not like "out of body experience" better.  Just better.  My stomach is noticibly flatter (no bloat).  My energy is more consistent (no 3 pm exhaustion).  My kitchen is clean (ha!  no major mess).  I feel like I finally have a plan for either breakfast or lunch that doesn't involve takeout or drive thru.  And I'm finally taking a much needed daily vitamin that I know I have needed for ages.  I actually do feel healthier.  Want to know something crazy?  I don't feel like eating some of the crap that I was eating before.  Whaaa???  My nightly glass of wine that I've consumed for as long as I can remember - didn't miss it.  And I'm not kidding - that is a big victory.  The salty then sweet then salty snacking that I do mid afternoon and late night - not as big of a pull now.  The shakeology marketing site says that these shakes give you what your body needs so your cravings (your body's search for the food that it needs) tend to go away.  I honestly thought this was total baloney.  Ummmm, maybe not.  And finally, but not most importantly, my scale weight is down 2.2 pounds.  I always like to see a lower number on the scale.  I don't think this is a magic weight loss shake though.  I think it was a great substitute for the crud that I was eating though and made those wine and popcorn and over portion sized calories disappear.  That's pretty magic though.

Bottom line - I think that my habits have changed a bit for the better.  And for that I am thankful.  I went on their website and signed up for a shipment of shakes for me this month, so if you'd like to try a sample, just ask!  I've got 'em.  And if you want to try the 3 day cleanse, I can help you with that too.  You'll need to approach me because I am really uncomfortable doing any direct sales.  But just know that I believe in this product and would love to introduce you to it if you'd like.  No pressure whatsoever though.  I'm planning on doing a modified cleanse possibly every month if anyone would like to join me and doing the whole shebang every 3 months just to remind my body who's boss. 

Thanks for following me on this nail biter of a journey.  Ha!