Day 1 - Done.  Not too difficult or shabby.  My total meals consisted of 3 shakes, 2 cups of hot green tea and a salad with lean protein.  Oh, and lots of water.  Here's the shakeology proposed 3 day cleanse sample "menu".

The Shakeology cleanse itself is very easy to follow.

First, you should drink three Shakeology shakes mixed with water a day. You may also have a piece or two of fruit everyday, two cups of green tea, and a salad for dinner which can include poultry or fish. An important feature in this cleanse is that you need to keep your body hydrated with lots of water — about two to four liters.

A typical cleanse would look like this: Upon waking up, have a cup of green tea. For breakfast, have a scoop of Shakeology mixed in cold 8 oz. water. Include a piece of fruit if you wish. Then, have an apple or banana or any fruit of your choice for your morning snacks. For lunch, have another Shakeology shake and another cup of green tea. Drink your last Shakeology cleanse shake for the day as an afternoon snack, followed later by dinner which should consist of salad (go easy on the dressing!) and grilled white meat or fish.

I followed it pretty much to the letter. 

8:00 am (It was Saturday, remember) I cozied up with some hot green tea and added a packet of Sweet n Low.  I know that artificial sweeteners are kind of frowned upon, but I'm not drinking coffee or wine, so a packet of Sweet n Low in my tea is just going to happen.  If this busts the cleanse, then I'm not cut out for this :)

A little while later, I mixed up shake #1.  It took me all of 20 seconds.  A water bottle filled with 8 ounces of cold water from the fridge and a packet of the chocolate shake.  Then shake shake shake.  I've learned that 7-8 ounces of water vs. 9-10 ounces of water works best for me.  Less water makes it thicker and seemingly more satisfying.  I consume the shake in 10 minutes.  Don't chug it.  It's your meal for crying out loud.

Not hungry at all after my morning "meal" and I felt the B vitamins kick in with a little energy.

12:30 pm - Shake #2.  I'm not going to lie; I was hungry by this time.  Same deal with the shake routine.  8 ounces of water and a packet of chocolate shake.  These shakes are not bad by any means even with just plain water.  The consistency is maybe frothy when you shake it a lot which is a lot better to me than watery.  I don't mind drinking them at all.  Mixed with just plain water, there is a slight gritty element to them, but again, this does not bother me.  (After these 3 days, I'm looking forward to truly enjoying these shakes in the morning mixed with milk and either a banana or peanut butter . . . or both!)  After this shake, I am again full and feeling better.  I am, however, excited to eat a kickin' salad tonight for dinner from Zoe's.  I love Zoes Kitchen.  Their food is healthy and it rocks.

1:00 pm - Hot Green Tea with Lemon and Sweet n Low.  Sitting down to read more of "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo".  It's Saturday and it's raining, remember.  I'm allowed to do this every once in a while for Pete's sake.

4:30 pm - Shake #3.  My body is ready for some solid food and I order Zoe's to pick up in an hour.  I mix up a shake and take it on the go as I run some errands.  I feel instantly better.  I'm telling you, I think the amount of B vitamins in this stuff is awesome.  Absolutely no craving for coffee today.

6:00 pm - Zoe's Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken.  Divine.  I would eat this under normal circumstances, so it doesn't feel like diet/cleanse food.  I eat almost every bite of it drizzled with their Greek dressing (not too much).  It does pain me, however; to let my 7 year old eat the pita bread that comes with it.  That and the fact that I am substituting my evening (and well earned) Pinot Noir with plain H20.  It's all good though . . . and the world will keep turning.

I'm off to bed not starving and not crabby.  2 more days of this is doable, but not something that I will aspire to do every week or every month for that matter.  I understand that Day 2 is often the day that some "detox" symptoms present themselves as a wave of toxins enter your bloodstream to exit your body.  Sunday should be interesting.