It's the beginning of Day 2.  Sunday.  And I've just finished my first shake of the day and a glass of green tea.  Absolutely no craving for coffee or caffeine.  I'm not exactly sure that I am physiologically addicted to coffee, but I love coffee - the taste, the feel and the cozy habit.  Hot green tea could quite possibly take it's place.  Who knew?

I've also stepped on the scale both yesterday morning to record my starting weight and this morning as well.  Weight is an interesting thing for me.  I'm don't usually concentrate on it because running and strength training play all sorts of tricks on the scale due to moments of dehydration and/or muscle building.  But I am tracking it just for curiosity's sake.  The scale isn't a total liar.  I know when my clothes fit tighter that the number is going to be bigger . . . and that is no coincidence.  So I weighed day 1 morning and day 2 morning my weight is down 1.8 pounds.  Did I lose almost 2 pounds of fat in one day never to come back again?  Pulease.  But I'm not discounting any weight loss.  We'll just have to see what these 3 days even out to be AND what happens to the body after a week or two post cleanse.

This morning I do feel "lighter", but a headache and some shoulder aches have come into play.  I'm not sick; I feel like this was due to happen and I'm going to put up with it today.  2 more shakes, some green tea (it's raining and chilly today, so I may have a few mugs) and a salad with grilled shrimp tonight.