It's the morning of day 3, but let me tell you about yesterday.  Honestly, nothing earth shattering to report.  Day 2 was fine.  These shakes are a no brainer.  They taste good, they are easy, they are filling and they don't mess up the kitchen.  The downside is that I still have to magically produce food for all of the other eaters in the house. :)

Day 2 was wrought with a light headache/backache.  Advil would have zapped it immediately, but I feel like the whole idea of this cleanse is to eliminate toxins from my system and adding a pain killer is just something else that my liver has to deal with, so I dealt with the minor aches and was totally fine.  I was also a bit fatigued.  Not like I didn't get enough sleep or felt malnourished - I was just operating in a lower gear.  After a google search, I found that fatigue is also a sign of detox.  Okay, guess things are working.  I will admit that at the beginning of day 2, two more whole days of this seemed like a long time away, but I didn't want to bust the experiment and the scale was being friendly, so I drove on.  A major feat was taking my kids to the movie and getting them popcorn and Cokes.  My snack - a big bag of nothin'.  It's possible that that is the only time I've ever entered a movie theater and actually watched a movie without popcorn.  Needless to say, the movie sucked.  Ha ha!  Kidding.  The Lorax is a really cute movie by the way.

So the low down - I did a shake at 8:00ish, 12:30ish, 4:00ish and had a Zoe's salad for dinner - the one with grilled shrimp and zucchini on it.  It came with a creamy dressing on the side which initially made me panic, but I'd drank shakes all bloomin' day, so the dressing was going to happen.  I was conservative on the dressing and in the end, I couldn't finish the salad.  Wait, did I just say I couldn't finish a salad?!  That sounds ridiculous, I know.  This is very "unAmy like" from a girl that can easily eat a pepperoni lovers pizza for every meal until it is gone.  You also need to know that after you eat your evening salad, your stomach is going to go crazy.  Not abdomen or intestine crazy and not painful, but my actual stomach was so loud digesting those lettuce leaves after both times that I ate my salad that I was almost self conscious around my husband (and that is hard for me to do).  My advice is that you not go to a prayer vigil after your evening salad or you may be in trouble. :)   I also had water and green tea throughout the day - maybe 4 bottles of water and 2 mugs of green tea (with lemon and Sweet n Low) and drank a bottle of water in bed as I was reading last night.  This is now 2 nights without a glass of wine for me.  It's not my best habit and one that I am happy to know that I can easily do without for a few nights.

One thing to note is that I have not been eating the fruit that the cleanse gives you "permission" to eat.  You can have a piece or two of any fruit during the day.  That's a nice option, but one that I've passed on.  I don't know why.  I just don't want it.  I don't particularly like fruit (much more of a veggie girl) and my body wasn't hungry at all for it.  So I didn't.  This may be why my potty breaks have not been a problem and for that, I am thankful.  By the way and just in case you were considering this cleanse - wine doesn't count as fruit.  I know how we wine drinkers think.  Just needed to put that out there :)

Day 2 - done.  1 more day to go and it doesn't seem like that big of a deal.  I do have to confess that I have tickets to Zac Brown Band tomorrow night (on day 3) and there is no way that I am going to that concert and not drinking a beer.  So I'll be doing this 3 day cleanse (3 shakes, green tea and a salad) all the way to about 8:00 pm.  Then it's Miller Time.  After 3 days of protein shakes and salads, I think 1 beer should do it! :)