Okie dokie ~ Day 3 and done!  Overall, this cleanse thing was not bad at all.  If you are looking for something that totally cleans you out (literally) and has you starving, then this is certainly not it.  Shakeology is totally manageable. 

Same drill as the first 2 days with a little bump at the end (I mean there is always something that goes amiss, right.)

8:00ish - Shake #1 (apparantly, I'm now part of this cult, because I wake up actually looking forward to a shake.  Might as well call it KoolAid, right).

1:00ish - Shake #2 (again, I'm hungry by this time because I didn't partake in a fresh fruit snack mid morning and it 1:00!)

4:00ish - Shake 3# (I drink this in the car on the way to the Zac Brown concert.  Again, I love the portability of this "meal on the go" and I feel full afterwards.)

6:00ish - The plan was to eat the delish salad that I had bought at Wich Wich outside of the Reliant Stadium gates because I knew they wouldn't let us in with food.  Kids and husband all had sandwiches and I felt smug knowing that I could finish this 3 day commitment AND go out :)  Ummmm . . . . they didn't include a fork in my take out bag.  &^%*!!  Ted tells me to eat it with my hands.  Really?  A salad with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers and oil and vinegar.  Oh man, it looked really good too.  So the ticket lady at the front gate happily accepted my salad for her dinner.  You know - because she can go in the gates and get a fork and all.  Super. 

So let's call this a "modified 3 day cleanse" replacing the salad with 2 beers and a chicken finger and some peanuts that I stole from my kids.  That seems like an appropriate substitution, right?  ha! 

I'm calling this cleanse a done deal though and with some rather happy results.