It's the Saturday starting spring break and I'm starting a 3 day shakeology cleanse.  "What the heck are you doing, Amy?", you ask.  No, it's not dangerous.  No, I'm not starving myself.  No, it's not a colon cleanse and I'm not typing this in the bathroom.  And no, I am not hallucinating with toxins leaving my body.  I did, however, consume quite a few adult beverages with my husband last night and ate lots of white bread at Brio, so this simple cleanse might be a doozy!  In all honesty though, I'm simply doing it to feel better.  I need to start taking vitamins regularly again (which these shakes have in them).  I need to feel less bloated and stop eating crap.  (Sorry Chick Fil A - I still love you.  Lots and lots.)  I need to feel less tired from amping myself up on coffee in the morning and Diet Coke in the afternoon.  And I need to be less dependent on my home happy hour habit at night.  It's only 3 little days.  Sadly, I totally cheated on my first attempt a few weeks ago (pathetic, I know), but now I have you watching.  Here's the gist of the shakeology 3 day cleanse as stated on their website . . .

    The Shakeology cleanse is different than other approaches to the detoxification process on many different levels.

    First, it’s the only cleansing program today that does not starve you or weaken you. Unlike most calorie-restricting         cleansing regimens that stress the body needlessly because of its lack of nutrients, the “Shakeology fast” restricts calories without depriving you of the nutrients your body needs to fuel your workouts and other day-to-day activities. It does this so that your body can return back to homeostasis and thus function more effectively. Shakeology contains proteins, amino acids, prebiotics, adaptogens, and antioxidants that ensure you still meet your nutrient intake even if you don’t take in as many calories.

    Secondly, the Shakeology cleanse is different because it does not make weight loss its primary goal. Rather, it’s a desirable effect that tells you that your body has already attained that much-sought after balance or homeostasis when your body has already gotten rid of all the junk in your system.

    The essence of the Shakeology cleansing regimen is that it follows a regular eating schedule as closely as possible — fruits, vegetables, and protein, in meals taken in small and frequent portions. This fast is designed to be done for 3 days, although some see results in as early as the one or two days. After 3 days, it’s recommended that you discontinue the cleanse and drink only one Shakeology shake per day.

While typing this, I just finished my second chocolate shakeology meal.  They are not at all bad and they are surprisingly satisfying.  I've mixed them with water and with sampling them with milk weeks earlier, I can tell you that milk is the way to go after these 3 days are up.  Another shake and a Zoe's greek salad with grilled chicken tonight (I love those salads anyday!) and day 1 is done.  I'll blog it step by step though later tonight.  My hands should be free to type since I won't be holding a glass of wine :/