If you've ever spoken to me at length (usually on a long run) or skimmed over a chapter in my Sophomore Runner book, you'll know that my entrance into this running gig was spurred by my need and want to lose some fried chicken pounds.  You should also know that my continuation in this sport has miraculously morphed into the search for overall health and enjoyment found with running pals, running efficiency (the more you run, the easier it gets) and running performance (the more you push, the faster you become).  Running is a feel good hobby for me.  And I like to feel good.  I've found that when my body is healthier, I am more productive, I am less grouchy, I sleep better, I think better.  When my body is healthier, my mind and my spirit are healthier too.  And that is how I know I've found something worth working for.

I read a ton about running and the physiology of the body.  And I love coaching and tweaking plans for new and seasoned runners.  It's great fun.  I've also learned the massive impact that strength training and cross training can have on running bodies.  It's the insurance policy that we runners need and quite honestly, my body after a strength workout feels almost as good as after a good run.  But there is one major major part missing.  It's a part that I am not well versed in, but one I am willing to learn more about for my own good and your health as well. 

Nutrition.  What we put in our bodies is equally important as to how we move our bodies.  I honestly think they both hold equal weight.  You can exercise like a maniac and eat like crap and not be all that healthy.  You can also eat fine and have no exercise to back it up and be equally as unhealthy.  Here's where my latest experiment comes in.

Lately I was approached with a product that I am curious about.  It's called Shakeology and is marketed by the makers of P90X.  It's a meal replacement shake that is balanced with vitamins and the nutrition that our bodies need to operate more efficiently.  I gave it a "try" a few weeks ago and honestly felt better after introducing it into my diet, but this weekend, I'm going to put myself out there and check out their 3 day "cleanse".  No cheating (which is honestly why I am blogging about it so I can have some accountability).  And then I'll report back to you via this blog and let you know if it is worth your time or not.   

The reviews I have read thus far are all glowing until I read that those reviewers are also the markers.  Meh.  The jury is still out.  I do not sell this product.  But to better our bodies with running and strength training, I want to put this out there and give it a try too.  Stay tuned.  More details to come.  Day 1 starts Saturday.  3 meal replacement shakes a day and a big salad with protein for dinner.  After that, the powers that be recommend a meal replacement shake per day and eating normally for the other meals.  I'll blog each of these 3 days on how I'm feeling and let you know my review - for what it's worth.  My hopes?  I'm aiming for a bump in energy and mental clarity, a regular digestive tract (ewww Amy!), and a couple of pounds of bloat or water weight disappearing would be a major bonus.