In honor of spring training these next 11 weeks, we RUNaways are going to explore how we can be even more joyful with a little SPRING CLEANING talk.  We know that a running routine certainly adds to our life enjoyment (and if it's not, then we need to chat - let me put you on the fun run path).  But cleaning out other areas of our life unlocks a lot of pent up joy as well. This season, I'll pick "spring cleaning" topics and get the conversation started on our weekly/biweekly topics and I want all of us to pitch in with your comments and tips.  I'd like our forums to be on the RUNaway Facebook page because it is really easy to post comments on a beginning thread and almost all of us are members of the RUNaway Moms facebook page.  

March 17th, 2013 - CLEAN EATING. 

April 21rd, 2013 - CLEAN CALENDARS.