It's 105 degrees outside and she's talking about New Years?  It's 105 degrees outside and she's talking about running?!  This heat must have gotten to her :)

Yes, I know the Christmas decorations aren't up and the sparkly ball hasn't exactly dropped in Times Square, BUT "back to school" creates all kinds of new schedules and resolutions for me.  The kids are back in school and it's a new day!  And a new schedule!  Do you do this too?  Like me, do you say "When the kids start back to school, I'm going to eat healthier/lose weight/organize that closet/find a Bible study/clean out the garage/make a budget/plan out dinners/file those papers/donate those clothes."  How about "When the kids start back to school, I'm going to get back into or start exercising."?  Hey, crazy idea . . . how about running?!

If you are thinking about it - even a little bitty bit - I say this "New Year" is the time to start . . .  or start again!  And while you are pondering this, let's put those mental blocks that you may be having to rest once and for all!

  • "It is 100 degrees outside and she wants me to run?!" . . . . I know.  I realize that recruiting for running during a heatwave is like trying to sell spinach to a toddler, but if my past 38 years prove correctly, the next season upon us is fall.  Beautiful, glorious, 70 degree weather fall!  Fall is the season of some wonderful races in Texas - and these are the races and fun runs that are going to keep us on track in our fall training.  I know it's hot now.  I've been running and sweating all summer.  But when these fall days hit, you are going to love the time that you've already put into this hobby!  For the time being, we'll take it slow and steady, we'll hydrate, we'll run with wet wash clothes to cool us off and we'll find those shady trails in the morning and evening.  And people will think you are a bad ass when you tell them that you are running despite the heat! 
  • "I can't run on the day that the group runs." . . . The RUNaway Moms schedule carves out Tuesdays (mornings or evenings) for new or "hitting the trails again" runners to train to run 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) and Friday mornings for those runners with a few miles already under their belts to train for 5 miles or 10 miles or 13.1 miles.  These group run days are truly the most helpful ones to attend as we bump up our weekly mileage those days and the power of the group and a coach really does help.  BUT, if your group run day absolutely doesn't fit into your schedule, then please come and run with us on another day!  Even though my attention will focus on the 5K group on Tuesdays and the long run group on Fridays, I'll have training mileage and routes for ALL groups on Tuesday mornings, Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings.  Plan to meet your RUNaway friends on all of the group days to knock out your run that day if you can.  And you can always talk to me before or after any of our group runs.  Wednesdays is also a day that you long run gals can join us.  The group will be working on hills or speed, but if you need to just run an easy route, then that is cool too!  Bottom line - everyone will have a RUNaway schedule and this group is available to you on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays to run with some friends and a coach!  Let me help you tweak your running schedule to fit into your daily schedule.
  •  "I haven't run at all this summer." OR "I haven't run since I saw you last November." OR "I haven't run since high school."  . . . . I can't tell you how many gals see me in the grocery store or at church and meekly admit how they haven't been running.  Ha!  I am not the running police :)  No worries!  I actually took the entire month of July off from running because of a pesky summer sickness, not to mention my schedule and the heat - and frankly, I just needed a break.  It is a.o.k.  Let's hit these trails together in August.  Need to start at square one and train for those 3.1 miles?  Awesome.  Can you jog 2 or 4 miles by the 26th of August?  Let's train for 5 or 10+ miles!  Want to try a run/walk long distance training program?  Yep, I've got that too for 5+ miles!  Whatever your current running endurance, please know that it is perfectly fine.  Don't beat yourself up because of your lack of running.  RUNaway Moms has a group for you!  Unsure of your group?  Give me a call or email and we'll figure it out!  **  And if you should need to bump up or down to another RUNaway group during the season, then do it! **
  • "I'd really like to try running, but I'm totally unathletic." . . . . Please don't worry about your athletic ability if you are starting the RUNaway 5K program.  That's why we train slow and steady.  And by the way, I've got you beat on this one.  I win on the "unathletic" scale.  I do.  I lettered in Student Government in high school for pete's sake.  And now, 20 years later, I've got some 10 milers, half marathons and a marathon under my belt.  We'll start slow and just do this a little at a time.  You won't believe your progress!
  •  "I'd love to run, but I don't have even an extra second in my day." . . . . Let me help you find that time.  New baby? Bring a stroller.  Corporate job?  Tuesday night runs.  Crazy schedule?  We will be totally realistic about it and find a way to carve this wonderful activity into your schedule!
  •  "I've tried running before and it sucked, but I wish it didn't suck." . . . . Did you try to maintain a speed like "running from the devil"?  Did you try to keep up with running friends?  Did you run mile after mile on a treadmill?  Do you have a pesky pain that you don't know what to do with?  Yeah, that sounds like it sucked.  Have you tried running in a coached group?  Have you tried running in a coached group with Amy? 
  • "I'm still on the fence.  What if I don't like it?  What if I can't do it?" . . . . But what if you DO like it this time - and what if you CAN do it :)
It's a NEW YEAR!  Sure, that means more structure, more packed lunches, more laundry (I never understood that), more carpools, more, more, more.  Don't let YOU get lost in the new year.  An activity (namely an active activity - um, running!), just for you will keep you balanced.  It will keep you healthier and give you more energy (it really will).  It will improve your mental sharpness and decrease your stress level.  It will show your kids that you value yourself and your body and health.  It will allow you to connect with friends.  And it will allow you to RUNaway from home!!  Doesn't that sound nice. :) 

Let's give it a go together.  Grab some running shoes (I'll help you with that if you need me to) and even grab a fellow friend to join you to keep you motivated and less anxious if you need to.  

We RUNaway on August 23rd and August 26th!  Click on "SIGN UP HERE" to start your New Years resolution today!  I can't wait to see you!

~ Amy