It's RUNaway Summer!  Come be a part of this fun summertime group!  We hit the trails super early to avoid the fierce Texas sunshine and then we head home feeling accomplished and ready to start our day.  If your time permits, you can always find a RUNaway Mom to enjoy a post run cup of coffee at Starbucks!  

Our summer motto is "be smart when you RUNaway".  We'll learn lots of tips on running smart while we keep our pace easy and our miles at just enough to keep us moving and be endurance ready and heat acclimated for the fall RUNaway season.  It's the perfect group to really RUN away.  

You don't need to be a previous RUNaway Mom to join us in the summer nor do you have to commit to the fall RUNaway program.  A 2-3 mile base, however, is needed for you to truly make the most of of summer RUNaway. 

Let's hit the trails together!  Click HERE for all of the summer running' scoop!

Are you ready to RUNaway this Fall?  

This fun, relaxed and positive "I just wanna run" group really does RUN AWAY in every sense of the word.  You can't stare at the pile of laundry or roll your eyes at the stuff that you've put away 100 times already when you run away.  You can't attend meetings or listen to a constantly ringing cell phone when you run away.  You can't hear a whining child or a constantly barking dog when you run away.  This is YOUR TIME . . . and you will learn to cherish it for many many reasons!  For beginners and seasoned runners alike, this group is for you!

 5KPLUS RUNaway registration opens in August and we will hit the trails when school starts!  This is YOUR group to learn to love running!  Work your way up to a 5K distance and see how strong you really are! 

Click HERE for more information on the 5K group!  

 Long Distance Fall RUNaway registration opens in August!  3 - 4 mile minimum endurance and we will set our sights on fall and winter 10Ks, 10 milers and half marathons.  Marathon distance also available! 

Click HERE for more long distance RUNaway info. 

Ten for Texas, October 2013 

A handful of the RUNaway finishers after a VERY humid  10 miler.

Liz, Deidre, Pam, Amy, Tracy, Kristin, Kelley

Running for Ansley, October 2013 

Showing leukemia how to run far far away.

Carolyn, Presha, Rachel, Andrea, Jennifer, Amy, Jenn, Marsha, Simone, Kelley, Jacque, Janel, Elizabeth, Deidre, Jennifer and Kristin

Team RWB, Veteran's Day 2013

5K and 10K runners honoring our veterans.

Simone, Andrea, Pam, Amy, Cathy, Tracy,               Jennifer and Janel