Running in the morning has me appreciate all the choices that come later in the day. The choices I make after running seem healthier, wiser and kinder.  

Deena Kastor  

I just think running makes me feel more disciplined. It makes me feel more committed, to not only my job, but to life. It makes me feel I'm doing all I can do to be as good as I can be.  

Michael Waltrip, Race car drive

Long Distance "RUNaway" Program

next season: January 3rd - April 28th, 2017     $179. 


  • Friday coach led long runs @ 8:40 am, Zoe's Kitchen
  • Wednesday coach led speed/strength runs @ 8:40, various locations
  • Tuesday group runs @ 8:40 am, Zoe's Kitchen
  • Weekly training schedule
  • Running topics and speakers to be a better runner
  • Special "RUNaway" shopping day and ongoing discount to Luke's Locker and Fleet Feet Sports
  • RUNaway Moms swag


RUNaway Long Distance Training

This RUNaway "subgroup" is really versatile and lets you pick your long distance goals and races.  Whether you are looking to run a 10 miler or even have your sights set on a winter or spring half marathon or marathon, this is your group.

Our long distance RUNaway group meets each Friday morning at 8:40 am at Zoe's Kitchen (on Kuykendahl and Lake Woodlands in the Sterling Ridge Shopping Center).  In addition to the group long run on Fridays, if your schedule allows, we will also meet at 8:40 am on Wednesday mornings for strength and speed runs AND you will want to join the RUNaway group on Tuesday mornings to run with your fellow RUNaways while I coach the newbies to their 5K goal.   

RUNaway Moms all run at our own happy pace.  Getting stronger, running longer and even working on pace are all part of this training.  Most importantly, finishing a run happy and confident is our main focus.  Some quick training tips from Amy and a look at the training week ahead will start our journey.  Since we will all be ending at various times, it is up to you to stretch stretch stretch after your run!  And you'll have earned a lovely Friday night break after your Friday morning run!


RUNaway Training Plan

Long Distance RUNaway eases into the season with a few shorter runs on Tuesday and Wednesday and then starts our long run Friday with 4 miles which will build to a 10K, 10 miler and half marathon distance in the fall.  Pick your bevy of races and feel confident that with consistent training and coaching, you'll make it to those starting lines AND finish lines!   

RUNaway has plenty of gals that stick with the 10K distance as well as those that stick with half marathons.  Many of our RUNaway gals are also shooting for their first or second marathon, so you will never be the only one picking your goal distance of 6.2 or 13.1 or 26.2 miles.  Now stop worrying.

Winter/Spring 2017 Race Options for RUNaway Long Distance:

~ Houston Half Marathon (13.1 miler)
~ Texas 10 College Station (5 or 10 miler)
~ New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon (13.1 miler)
~ The Woodlands Half Marathon (13.1 miler)
~ Texas 10 Boerne (5 or 10 miler)
~ Texas 10 Sienna/Missouri City (5 or 10 miler) 

Fall 2017 Race Options for RUNaway Long Distance:

~ Ten for Texas (10 miler)
~ Texas 10 Cypress (5 or 10 miler)
~ Texas 10 Huntsville (5 or 10 miler)
~ Texas 10 Conroe (5 or 10 miler)
~ Esprit de She The Woodlands (5K or 10K)
~ Thanksgiving Run thru the Woods (3 or 5 miler)
~ Texas 10 Katy (5 or 10 miler)
~ BCS Half Marathon (13.1 miler)

Get info and Register for these races by clicking on their link on the RUNaway Race Calendar page.